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C.A.S.K Tote


This "Cops Are Serial Killers"tote is the perfect accessory for someone who knows that ACAB, but also has maybe a job or a hostile environment where they don't want that message as easily ~deciphered~. Use it to carry around your pepper spray & your copy of "Are Prisons Obsolete" by Angela Davis (haven't read it? READ IT)

As an homage to the weirdly explosive true crime movement, this tote is done in the stylings of the Zodiac Killer who wrote notes to the media and police in his iconic cypher, and was also probably a cop or some other powerful and entitled white man.

Unlike the so much of the true crime movement, we don't want to glamorize the FBI or law enforcement. When decoded, the cypher reads "cops are serial killers".

25% of proceeds from shirt and tote sales go to Critical Resistance LA !(